Completion Date: 2020 March

Renovation Period: 6 Month
Apartment Sales: Sold!

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Our project in central Lomma is part of a growing phenomenon in Sweden. The Condominium Association asked us to do something with the very old shop tucked away at the bottom of their building. Since more and more buyers are turning to online shopping and the need for brick-and-mortar shops are deteriorating, the need for the old shop was no more.
Instead, the demand for living spaces is dramatically increasing, which is why we knew turning the shop into an apartment would be a great idea. So, we took on the challenge to reconstruct and renovate it into three new apartments.
Since the shop has so many unique characteristics and historical appeal, we aim to incorporate and keep some aspects of the 20th-century industrial look it exhibits. Furthermore, the large shop windows providing beautiful views of the green park will be retained to ensure we keep the extra light flowing into the apartments. To finish off, we aim to add modern functionality and a clean, crisp and modern look into each apartment, while still being respectful of the buildings character, history, and location.