Skanbo has grown exponentially as a company since we first started our business in 2014. Then we worked exclusively on apartment projects where we collaborated with contractors and handled the construction process from start to finish. These were projects where we created a high quality design that inspired potential buyers to buy the apartments even before the first showing.

Since then we have expanded to a multimillion real estate company and are working to become one of the major players in southern Sweden. We help our investors find properties with a guaranteed return, as well as our buyers and prospective homeowners to find their dream home or accommodation.

Because we handle almost every aspect of the real estate industry – from the inspiring moment you want to create your dream home or invest with us in a property, real estate development, construction; sale of investment properties or to help you buy a dream property.

We do everything!

We love real estate development and creating a beautiful accommodation! But beyond that, we want to see our investors and homeowners inspired by our unique, aesthetically pleasing homes and accommodations that are the foundation of a combination of functional modernity, aesthetics, green living, quality and history.

Our Philosophy & Approach


Each property has its unique narrative; therefore, in the selection of materials, design style, and color palette, we attach great importance to creating modern, functional and unique homes with respect for historical characteristics and today's demand for high quality and green living.


We ensure every stage of the process is well laid out and planned. We follow the motto: ”Plan twice and build once!”


Our overall wellbeing, mindset and mental health as human beings are influenced in significant part by what we are surrounded by and what we see daily. We, therefore, believe in complementing the functionality of your home and property with aesthetic expression and idiom.


Once we have identified a property, and you wish to proceed with the investment, we take the project from start to finish.


A market study is an essential aspect of ensuring the property is a good investment. Therefore, we take excellent care to do this step thoroughly by involving tested real estate brokers at an early stage.


We have never made a loss on any of our projects and have since 2014 taken our company to a multi-million Euro portfolio.

Our Team

Susanne Lanciai


Susanna is passionate about finance, administration, and project planning.

Vince Racz


Vince is passionate about modern solutions and creating practical living spaces that fit into the modern individuals’ lifestyle.

Daniel Dysholm


Daniel has a passion for design and property development.

Thomas Wolf


Thomas is passionate about building in time and on budget with high quality.

Current Projects

Project we completed or Currently working on.


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Susanne started her career in PR and Marketing and became the production leader in a Film company. She then worked all around the world with project funding. She finally settled in Denmark where she joined the Skanbo team in 2016 and has been a core member and owner since. She is highly experienced in finances and administration and has a keen eye for design.

Email: sus@skanbo.se
Tel: +45 4970 4660


Vince also started his career quite early in life; always displaying an interest and passion for real estate. Upon meeting co-founder Daniel in 2014, they decided to work together and created Skanbo. At Skanbo, Vince specializes in project acquisition and establishing new uses for buildings while also controlling the finances of the Skanbo Group.

Email: vince@skanbo.se
Tel: +45 7231 06570


Daniel was rather young when he entered into his career; starting off abroad and accumulating a quality skillset over the years. He worked on real estate projects around Europe and provided knowledge, expertise, and know-how on building maintenance. One of his greatest achievements was assisting in the building of one of the biggest digital printing houses in Copenhagen, Danmark.

Email: daniel@skanbo.se
Tel: +45 7603 26632


Thomas’ ability to focus on the smallest details and paying careful attention to precision propelled him to enter into his first profession as a boat builder. Since the skills of boat builder are challenging to acquire and in such high demand, he was later years key in many bigger building projects. One such was as a project manager in a construction company in Denmark, where he had built for businesses and private owners. Furthermore, he has had his own contractor company with up to 25 employees for 15 years. Amongst many references, he has built four banks and was part of building the headquarters for one of the largest research and development companies in Danmark. Thomas joined Scanbo in 2019 and has since been the project leader on our future and upcoming projects.

Email: tw@skanbo.se
Tel: +45 7630 77398