Building Permit: Acquired

Completion Date: To Be Confirmed
Sales: Q3 2020

Renovation Period: 12 Months

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This project is a very special one; something out of the ordinary. Dating from the 1800s, this building was owned by the Smith family who also owned the land surrounding it. As development and expansion of the Trelleborg area took place, more and more parts of their property were divided. Today, only the main building is left, together with two economy buildings on a side and a lot of about 5000m2.
In the 1970s, when the Trelleborg city council outlined their plans, they came up with the idea that these three buildings should remain intact. But over time there was no-one who cared anymore about the project.
Until now!
We are super excited to take on this project and look forward to weaving our magic into renovating and re-establishing these buildings back to glory. We have gotten very positive feedback from the Kommune and on our plans.
The most challenging aspect is that we would have to renovate more than we have initially planned for, but we believe this is only going to contribute to the amazing recovery of these historic buildings.