Building Permit: Planning Phase

Renovation Period: Currently 2020
Sales: Inquiries Welcome

Completion Date: To Be Confirmed

It is very seldom that one finds a building that is already approved for living, is about 1400 m2 and yet, is used as an office. In the picturesque village of Örtofta, outside of Lund in the Kommune of Eslöv, is situated a beautiful building dating from the 1950s. It is well connected by train to Lund with the purply Pågatåg. The train station happens to be about 5 min via bike. This means only a 15 min commute to Lund Central while still living in a peaceful area – Awesome! The train connection is fantastic.
Since the building has never been renovated, we plan to restore and modernize the interior into student apartments, as well as larger apartments for rent. Our market research has shown that Lund has a huge shortage of student apartments and apartments in general. Therefore, we are positive that we can helpful the gap for student accommodation and rent out all our apartments in Ortofta.
This project is in the planning phase, and we are counting on building during 2020. Possible completion data to be announced later.